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The Kitchen & Entertaining


the kitchen & entertaining


This kitchen was part of a renovation to a 200 year old farm house, with each element of the space taking on its own identity through construction style and finish. While the majority of the cabinetry is done in solid tones, the sink run has a heavily applied glaze over the base color. This project was done in collaboration with architect Jen Spangler Williamson.   


Finished to match the existing chairs, this bar was designed for entertaining guests at a cattle farm in Bourbon County. The L-shaped counter, made of local reclaimed oak, trims out with a traditional bar rail molding.


Blending both contemporary and classic styling into a very functional layout allow this kitchen to speak for itself. 


We worked with Wilmes and Associates Architects to create a modern kitchen focused on service and usable space. The cabinetry exteriors are veneered with rift-cut white oak and lightly stained to allow the natural warmth of the wood to remain. The cabinet section to the right of the sink is set on casters and can be pulled out for extra counter surface area.


An alcove bar area for displaying and mixing. The cabinetry is painted to match the trim yet contrasted by the walnut counter. The knobs are glass in keeping with the surrounding shelving. With Wilmes and Associates Architects.